One Feeds Two uses hunger to end hunger

“How great it is to support a charity close to my heart. The simplicity of giving a meal to a child living in poverty really appeals to me.”

Rick Stein

What is One Feeds Two

One Feeds Two is a non-profit charity, partnering with food companies who donate meals to children living in poverty.

When you order a meal or a product with the One Feeds Two on it, you’re not only feeding yourself, but providing a school meal to a child living in one of the poorest countries.

How does it work

When you choose one of the selected dishes or items below, we provide a meal for a child living in poverty.

  • The Seafood Restaurant: Battered Fish and Chips
  • St Petroc’s Bistro: Tuna Steak
  • Sandbanks: Battered Cod and Chips
  • Barnes: Battered Cod and Chips
  • Winchester: Battered Cod and Chips
  • Marlborough: Battered Cod and Chips
  • The Cornish Arms: Cod Curry
  • Rick Stein’s Café: Cod Curry
  • Rick Stein’s Fish and Chips: Battered Cod and Chips
  • Rick Stein Fistral: Battered Cod and Chips
  • Rick Stein’s Fishmongers & Seafood Bar: Seafood Platter
  • Rick Stein’s Deli: Rick Stein Water Bottle or Coffee Cup

Why we want to help

Since 1975, we have seen people coming together and being inspired by food. Which is why we believe in the power of food and the importance of a nutritious school meal to a child living in poverty. Good food – does good.

Help us raise communities out of poverty with the power of food. Giving back and doing the right thing to support those in need.

“As a family business in the hospitality industry, we know there’s nothing that brings people together quite like food. I’m very proud we’re doing our bit to support One Feeds Two’s work to end hunger.”

Jack Stein