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Rick Stein’s Food Stories on BBC2 is a culinary adventure around Great Britain to discover the food that we love to eat today. From Cumbria to Bristol and Suffolk to Belfast, the people that Rick meets and the food and drink he finds will inspire new recipes galore for you to recreate at home. 30 of which will feature in the series and countless more will be celebrated in the accompanying Rick Stein’s Food Stories book which will be out in September.

Look forward to cooking recipes from Rick Stein’s Food Stories and reading out episode guides below…

Having been a chef for over 50 years, Rick has come to realise that the food we eat tells a story about who we are. From traditional dishes to those that we’ve made our own – meeting producers, some of our best chefs and those keeping traditions alive to see how food brings us together.

The series is about my travels around Britain and Northern Ireland trying to get a handle on what is British cuisine today. Behind every dish there’s a story, big or small.  From fish & chips to pad Thai noodles, from chicken tikka masala to square sausages in a bun for breakfast on the streets of Glasgow.


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Try the dishes in our restaurants

It’s with much anticipation that our chefs await new recipes from Rick’s TV programmes to perfect for our menus, and Food Stories is no different. There will be a dish from the series on each of our menus – from appetisers to desserts – something new to look forward to ordering from Monday 12th February. In particular, our cutlery is primed to try salt cod fish cakes that hail from Bristol and something sweet inspired by a visit to James Dyson’s strawberry farm in Lincolnshire.

Barnes: Tattie scones with smoked salmon, salt cod fish cakes and strawberry sorbet with langues du chat biscuits

Marlborough: Hake with beer and bacon, salt cod fish cakes and strawberry sorbet with langues du chat biscuits

Rick Stein’s Café: Crab and sweetcorn soup

Sandbanks: Chargrilled trout with chive dressing, salt cod fish cakes and strawberry sorbet with langues du chat biscuits

St Petroc’s Bistro: Lamb shepherd’s pie and strawberry sorbet with langues du chat biscuits

The Cornish Arms: Lamb shepherd’s pie and proper scampi

The Seafood Restaurant: Crumpet with potted shrimp and a poached egg

Winchester: Hake with beer and bacon, salt cod fish cakes and strawberry sorbet with langues du chat biscuits

Pre-order a signed copy of the book

Rick has penned over 100 recipes from his Food Stories travels around Great Britain and Northern Ireland to include in the upcoming book of the same name. Fabulous dishes to both read about and cook at home – as the follow up to to Simple Suppers, we know this book is going to be mighty popular too. Click below to pre-order a signed copy ahead of it coming out in September.

Food Stories Episode Guides

Rick Stein Food Stories - TV Series
Food Stories Cookery Course in Padstow

Alongside the recipes from the series being on our restaurant menus, Head Chef Lecturer Nick Evans and his team at our cookery school in Padstow have worked with Rick to bring a new one day cookery course to life that celebrates five dishes from the series.

Dishes include, you guessed it, the famous potted shrimp crumpet inspired by a visit to Morecambe so you can learn from our experts exactly how to master this at home for friends and family. 

Make new Food Stories in Cornwall

Cornwall is home to some of the best food and drinks producers in the country, man of which we’re proud to call suppliers. Escape for a few nights away in our rooms in Padstow to experience them for yourself and discover some new food stories to share.

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