Announcing a new cookery book, Rick Stein at Home


We’re very excited to share Rick’s new book, Rick Stein at Home, was published on 16th September 2021. Recipes, memories and stories from a food lover’s kitchen.

Rick says: “It gives a glimpse into the rhythms and rituals of my home cooking – as we have all become so used to doing these last 18 months. Lockdown became, for me, a time to remember the joy of regular cooking at home in a world where the almost limitless possibilities of modern life had suddenly been shut down. I’ve given in to the need to tell you about things like my six-month quest to produce perfect sourdough, struggles with sauerkraut and smokers, and my obsession with stock. And there are some thoughts about walks in the country and how they have to include coming back with a bunch of wild sorrel or parsley, about chutney, jam and marmalade making. And finally, some serious stuff about the enormous importance of food that plays in our lives, for cheering us all up. These are my all-time favourite home-cooked meals – some you might be familiar with from the recent Cornwall series we did. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.”