Rick Stein cocktail collaboration with Mr Lyan


A cocktail can suit many occasions; celebrating the arrival of the weekend, a birthday or family gathering, anniversary or simply just because… So we’re excited and proud to share with you a special collaboration between Rick, his son Charlie and internationally renowned, award-winning bartender Mr Lyan, Ryan Chetiyawardana. Working closely with Ryan and his expert team, they’ve created an exclusive list of unique cocktails with a nod to Rick’s travels to far flung places; including Ceylon Negroni and Ribs-e-rita – see the full list, which is currently available at Rick Stein, Barnes and Rick Stein, Sandbanks, below.

To ensure your favourite cocktail tastes perfect every time, we do all the hard work before you’ve even ordered it. Working from the exclusive recipes, our team fat-wash gin (a process by where gin is mixed with coconut oil, frozen, de-frosted and finally strained, to give the gin a unique texture and flavour), blend spirits, make flavoured sugar syrups and even grapefruit and lemon thyme sherbet, to include in our range of special cocktails.

Choose your favourite from the list and try it at Barnes or Sandbanks:

Ceylon Negroni

Espresso Martini


Gin Highball

Apple flower Bellini

Campari Fizz

South and Stormy

Souk Comso