Staff Meal Booking

Annual Staff Meal Benefit - Recognising your Loyal Service

Loyalty is important to us and any member of our team who has over a year's service (or passes that milestone on any date in 2023) will be entitled to a complimentary staff meal for two. If you are a seasonal returner, you are eligible for a staff meal once you've achieved 12 months of combined service. 

You can dine in your own restaurant or alternatively you can opt to dine at any other site except The Seafood Restaurant.

Retail, hotels and support team colleagues who are eligible for this benefit can take their meal at any restaurant except The Seafood Restaurant.

We'd love you to share feedback about your experience and encourage you to post about your experience on Plaicebook. 

Please note - these lists do not include The Seafood Restaurant; any members of our team at The Seafood can book their staff meal directly with the Guest Services team. 

Please note the dates below that confirm when staff meals can be taken and the requirement to show your Plaicebook ID. 


  • The staff meal is for two and includes two starters, two main courses, two side dishes, two desserts, coffee or tea (no additional starter, mid or cheese courses are available). 
  • A couple who both have over 1 year's employment with the company are eligible for two staff meals
  • All additional drinks are chargeable, however, you can use your staff discount
  • Staff discount will apply to any items that are chargeable in line with our restaurant staff discount benefit.
  • Staff meals can be taken Monday to Sunday inclusive, with the following exceptions (which are typically school and public holidays) - February half-term, Easter holidays, May half-term, summer school holidays, October half-term, Christmas school holidays. 
  • We encourage you to book earlier or later tables wherever possible 
  • You must show your Plaicebook ID with a valid photograph to take advantage of this benefit