How to eat lobster like an expert

Rick Stein Summer of Shellfish

This summer, we’re serving Cornish lobster and chips for £34.95 in our restaurants as part of our Summer of Shellfish celebration. Jack Stein says eating lobster is a shellfish experience to savour, but we know ordering it for the first time might seem daunting. Following his top tips makes it an easy, fun, memorable dish to enjoy this summer.

So, napkins, crackers and a cold glass of good rosé or White Burgundy at the ready…

Jack Stein’s guide to eating lobster

Follow Jack’s tips

1) Say yes to mess. Tackling lobster in the shell, leaving no legs un-cracked, requires getting your hands dirty. Don’t be afraid and have some fun.

2) The claw. Our chefs have done some of the work for you by cracking the claw. Use your crackers and pick to gently finish the job of removing the shell to reveal a lollipop of glorious lobster meat. Be aware of the cartilage running through the middle of the claw meat – this isn’t edible.   

3) The body. This is the easy part. Gloriously easy to access chunks of lobster meat to enjoy as you please. Wonderful to mop up the fines herbes sauce.

4) The legs. Remove the legs with a gentle twist and then either suck or squeeze the slithers of meat that’s hidden within.   

5) Don’t leave the tomalley. Any green areas of the lobster are tomalley, the liver and pancreas. These are full of rich, shellfish, flavour and Rick says it’s the best bit.

Join us for a Summer of Shellfish

This summer we’re celebrating glorious fresh shellfish with classic dishes like Cornish lobster and chips, recipes that hero lesser loved species, events and more in all our restaurants and online too.