Jack’s Hacks #3: How to make any pan non-stick

Jack Stein's Cookery Hacks
Any pan can be non-stick…

We all have that one frying pan in the cupboard that used to be non-stick, but is now anything but. The non-stick Teflon coating starts to wear aware and when you use it to fry fish or meat it now catches…

However, you can now revive that faithful old pan with Jack Stein’s hack for turning any pan non-stick. Simply use some high quality baking parchment, cut to fit the pan, and some oil and your pan is back to how it was when you first bought it.

How to make any pan non-stick
  1. Firstly, cut a piece of high-quality parchment paper, available from all supermarkets, to fit your chosen pan.
  2. Heat up the pan, and once up to temperature, add a tablespoon of cooking oil on top of the parchment paper. If you’re cooking fish with the skin on, place it into the pan skin side down to

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