Jack’s Hacks #10 How to cook the perfect steak

Jack Stein's Cookery Hacks

When it comes to cooking steak, there are so many different methods, tips and techniques to follow. Watch below to discover how Jack likes to cook a ribeye, his favourite cut, from Phillip Warren’s in Launceston.

What you need to cook the perfect steak

– A decent pan

– Your go-to steak

– Plenty of butter

– Couple of cloves of garlic

– Few sprigs of thyme

– A spoon to baste your steak with rich, foaming butter which will help to give it a wonderful golden crust

Discover how to cook the perfect steak

Meet Jack Stein

Chef Director Jack was destined to enter the kitchen, even if Rick suggested following a different career path. Now, with over 20 years experience, Jack leads the way for the menus across our restaurants making sure our ethos of fresh fish, simply cooked continues.