Jack’s Hacks #6: How to stir-fry shellfish

Jack Stein's Cookery Hacks

This hack from Jack Stein is all about making cooking shellfish, like clams, as quick and simple as possible.

He recommends stir-frying them on a high heat to release all the wonderful flavour of the sea that’s in the shells. The smell as they fry is so evocative of the seaside. Jack loves to pair clams (palourdes and razors) with garlic, coriander and white wine to create a simple Portuguese style shellfish dish. It’s ready in minutes to serve alongside a nice, acidic Vinho Verde – also from Portugal and one of Charlie’s favourites.

Watch Jack stir-fry shellfish

How to make stir-fried clams with garlic and coriander

1 – Add some vegetable oil to a large pan on a high heat.

2 – Once your pan is almost smoking hot, add your razor clams and cook for 30 seconds before adding your normal clams.

3 – After a minute of stir-frying, add three cloves of chopped garlic, a handful of coriander stalks and a friendly glug of white wine.

4 – Cover with a lid and cook for another minute or so until all the shells have opened.

5- Finish with a handful of chopped coriander leaves.

Happy cooking.

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