Meet our Food Heroes: Clarence Court


Boiled, scrambled, fried, poached or baked – all the eggs that we use in our restaurants come from Clarence Court, based in Liskeard, Cornwall. Famous for producing eggs with a distinctively rich golden yolk, their story starts back in 1928 when British horticulturalist and explorer Clarence Elliott brought back an ‘arkload’ of animals from Patagonia to Gloucestershire. Most of the animals were for London Zoo, except three Araucana hens, laying pastel-coloured eggs. His rare birds were crossbred at Cambridge University to create pedigree hens, which generations later are still laying hard-shelled eggs – all naturally, at their own speed. Good things shouldn’t be rushed.

So, whether you’re enjoying a fried egg as part of a full English breakfast at our café in Padstow or a boiled egg with smoked haddock fish cakes in Winchester, you’ll be eating the same high quality egg with 90 years of heritage. A reassuring nod to days gone by.

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