Rick’s ode to Cornish lobster


This summer we’re celebrating the wonderful combination of Cornish lobster and chips across our restaurants as part of our Summer of Shellfish celebration. Rick has always said there’s something very special about lobster, especially those caught in Cornwall…

Lobsters are perceived to be the most luxurious of seafood, and I can perfectly understand why. I totally agree. I think it’s really the firm flesh of a lobster and also the sweetness of the flesh. It’s just unforgettable. But the other thing about lobsters is I actually love cracking them open. They’re not like crabs. They’re a lot easier to get the meat out and, and when you get the meat, it’s lovely, thick, white chunks.

The other thing about lobsters is they smell so good. When you smell that, you just think, I’ve got to have a cold glass of white wine with it, preferably a White Burgundy.

Join us for a Summer of Shellfish

This summer we’re celebrating glorious fresh shellfish with classic dishes like Cornish lobster and chips, recipes that hero lesser loved species, events and more in all our restaurants and online too.