Rick’s Top 5 Seafood for Summer


Rick says “I really like alfresco eating. There’s nothing I like doing more in the summer than sitting outdoors eating some lovely fresh fish dishes”, and we quite agree. The excitement of making the most of bright afternoons and warm summer evenings in the garden with some good food, cold drinks and some lively conversation in the air is just wonderful.

Watch below to discover Rick’s top five fish and shellfish to cook and serve alfresco during the summer months – all of which are available to order to your door from our online fishmongers.

Rick’s top 5 summer seafood for alfresco dining

Firstly, monkfish. Well, what I like to do is cook monkfish in the oven with new season’s garlic, just that’s big bulbous garlic that you get this time of year. It’s a lovely dish. Next up, prawns. I’ve developed a way from Mexico of deep-frying prawns in coconut batter. It may sound odd but it’s delicious and I’ll serve that with an aioli, garlic mayonnaise.

Now onto scallops. Still a classic in all our restaurants is scallops under the grill with coriander and hazelnut butter, utterly delicious. For whole mackerel, you could just grill it which is do rather like. But even better, I picked up this very nice dish in Goa in India for mackerel recheado and basically, what you do is make a curry paste, your favourite curry paste, and stuff the mackerel with it before grilling or cooking on the barbecue.

Finally, cockles. I recommend a very simple dish which I picked up in Portugal – they’re just steamed open with garlic, a little bit of chilli, olive oil and fresh coriander. It’s as simple as that but you’ll love it.

There you have it, my top five seafood for summer – all available plus much more from our online fishmongers here.


This selection of high quality fish and shellfish is perfect, when the weather permits, to cook on a barbecue. We think the scallops in their half shell, tiger prawns and monkfish tails are particularly good with some added smoky flavour and scorch marks from the flames. Great theatre for your guests too. Pair with a few simple salads and some cold wine.