Stein’s Stories: John

Meet John, Sous Chef Lecturer at Rick Stein’s Cookery School

John joined Head Chef Lecturer, Nick Evans and the cookery school team in February this year.

Hailing from Ulverstone in Cumbria, a charming market town near the Lake District, John’s culinary journey began at 16, studying at college and becoming a professional chef in the Lake District.

Later, he transitioned to lecturing, where he stayed for 15 years, with ties to Furness College and Westminster, all while working in esteemed restaurants like People’s Palace Southbank and The Havelock during summer breaks.

Currently, his favourite restaurant is The Seafood Restaurant here in Padstow, where he treats himself every Sunday evening. His favourite Rick Stein dish is the smoked mackerel salad with apple and Thai basil, reminding him of his time in Thailand but he most enjoys teaching the Lobster and Crab Half-Day course and the Classic Dishes One-Day course, especially Dover sole à la meunière and roast tronçon of turbot with hollandaise sauce.