Stein’s Values Hero Awards


At Rick Stein’s we like to recognise our staff’s achievements. We asked them to nominate someone in their team or around the company for our second 2022 Stein’s Value Hero Awards, who they throught best represented our values and to share an example of them living our values on a daily basis.

The second overall winner

Were very proud to announce our second overall winner of our Stein’s Value Hero Award goes to Darren Bray from The Cornish Arms.

“Darren is just an amazing person and such a valued member of our team. When Darren is working everyone is happy that they are on shift with him. He lights up the room. He works extremely hard every day and is very much living by all our values.”

Meet all the winners

Continuous Improvement: Claire Johnston (Reservations and Cookery School)

“Claire consistently lives all four of our values. Continuous Improvement probably sticks out most to me, especially since being promoted to take on responsibility at the cookery school as well as reservations. She’s always on the lookout for small changes to the way we do things that could positively impact the business.”

Fair and Honest: Felicity Hayes (Deli)

“Fair and Honest = Felicity Hayes. In conversation with Fliss you always have her undivided attention she is consistent and calm in her approach and her feedback is one of the best.”

Generosity of Spirit: Debbie Creed (Purchasing)

“Debbie is always so warm and welcoming and a joy to work with. She seems to support so many different people in different areas of the business and is always kind, happy and is a credit to the company!!!”