The Stein Guide to Cornwall


Planning a trip to Cornwall soon? Here are some top tips from Rick, Jill, Jack, Charlie and Ed Stein that you don’t want to miss.

Rick’s favourite…

Beach: “Booby’s Bay. I learnt to swim there and it was the beach we used when we lived on Trevose Head.”

Walk: “Bodmin Moor, along the De Lank River. When the children were much younger, Edward and I were convinced that we’d found the lair for the Beast of Bodmin. There’s a stretch that reminds me of Keat’s poem ‘La belle dame sans merci.”

Spot for sunrise: “In the restaurant’s early days on a Saturday night we often used to drink after work in June ’til about 4.30am; we’d open the front door, a little bleary, and see the sun rising over at Rock and think ‘time to go home’!”

Thing to see and do: “I love swimming all through the year. I tend to combine a swim with a good walk; it keeps me very much in touch with the beautiful coastline.”

Thing to do on a day off: “I like to trim the roses in my small but secret garden.”

Thing everyone should try at least once: “Drive out to a headland like one of the Pentire Headlands, with a view of a bay, like Crantock or Booby’s, Constantine or Harlyn, and just watch the water.”

Jill’s favourite…


Beach: “Diggory’s Beach with the beautiful views out to sea because it’s tucked away from the main beach.”

Walk: “Treyarnon to Porthcothan. Some of the South West Coast Path can be quite challenging, but this part gives you plenty of time to take in the beautiful views I love.”

Spot for sunset: “My garden as it looks out to Trevose Bay. I love Fistral beach from the balcony of our restaurant – it’s lovely to see the surfers waiting to catch a wave as the sun sets in the background.”

Thing to see and do: “I love the Minnack Theatre. Sitting in the amazing amphitheatre built into the cliff on a sunny day, it’s the most incredible view.”

Thing to do on a day off: “Cycle the Camel Trail. A nice, safe route for families, particularly from Padstow to Wadebridge which looks about across the country.”

Thing everyone should try at least once: “Visit the Eden Project; I never tire of going there, as it evolves and changes each year.”

Jack’s favourite…


Beach: “Newtrain. It’s a rocky beach next to Trevone with loads of rock pools and a very heavy reef break at low tide.”

Walk: “Zennor to Gurnard’s Head, ending at the pub. I love Cornwall’s far west – it’s where moorland meets the sea.”

Thing to do on a day off: “Walk the dog and check the surf, go for a surf then go to the pub.”

Thing everyone should try at least once: “Get in the sea, but be careful and do it somewhere there are lifeguards. It’s cold but very invigorating.”

Charlie’s favourite…

Charlie Stein wine

Beach: “Constantine is beautiful. Because of the sand dunes there are no shops or restaurants to spoil the view.”

Walk: “Trevone beach to Padstow via Stepper Point. It’s not the shortest walk but it’s stunning, taking in the rugged coast and the majestic mouth of the estuary, around to the relative calmness of Tregirls beach.”

Spot for sunset: “Over Trevose Head with a barbecue and an ice cold glass of Provence Rosé.”

Thing to do on a day off: “Surfing at high tide at Constantine. With so many great surf schools in the area, there’s nothing stopping you.”

Thing everyone should try at least once: “Dangle a rod off the side of a boat to catch mackerel.”

Ed’s favourite…

Rubys Bar

Beach: “Bedruthan Steps. It has so many hidden coves and caves and it’s great for beachcombing. There are lots of steps down the cliff, so it’s not for the faint hearted, but it’s so beautiful and quiet once you get there.”

Thing to see and do: “I love to go to the local village rallies in June or July in St Merryn and Padstow; it takes you back to what it would’ve been like in ‘old Cornwall’.”

Thing to do on a day off: “Mackerel fishing on the Emma Kate II out of Padstow.”

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