Top tips for saving water


wateraidladiesDid you know?

  • Women in Africa and Asia often carry water on their heads weighing 20kg, the same as the average UK airport luggage allowance
  • The average person in the UK uses 150 litres of water a day. In Australia it’s around 500 litres and in the USA, over 570 litres. In Africa an average family only uses about 5 litres a day!
  • 768 million people in the world do not have access to safe water. This is roughly one in ten of the world’s population.

Here in Padstow and Falmouth we are proud to serve Belu Water, why? They started with a simple idea – that there was a better way to do business by reducing environmental impact and using all of their profits to fund clean water projects. They are 100% carbon neutral and give WaterAid all their profits, guaranteeing a minimum of £300,000 over the next 3 years and transforming the lives of over 20,000 people.


Belu and WaterAid have given us some top tips to help save water – and save you money!

Here are 5 great ways to save water:

  • Remember to turn off the tap whilst brushing your teeth (a running tap can use up to 6 litres a minute)
  • Water your plants first thing in morning or later in the evening to prevent evaporation when it’s warm.
  • Keep a bottle of Belu Water in your fridge so you don’t have to leave the cold tap running for the water to run cold before you fill your glass.
  • Wait until you have a full load of washing before using the washing machine – this cuts out unnecessary washes in between therefore saving water (it also saves energy and washing powder).
  • Join us for our charity lunches at St Petroc’s Bistro this November where we’ll be raising funds for WaterAid. You can enjoy a special 3-course menu for £12.50 plus a £2 cover charge donated directly to WaterAid. Details here.

 (Statistics from our friends at WaterAid)