Welcome to our ‘Made in Padstow’ blog


In May of this year we celebrated our 38th birthday at The Seafood Restaurant. So much has changed since the early days, but beautiful Padstow is still at the heart of everything we do. In our 38th year we thought it was time to start up a blog so here it is, our ‘Made in Padstow’ blog and our first post is from Rick.Rick by AnnaMcCarthy

Travelling as I do, all over the place and talking to foodies everywhere I’ve become very keen that we should have our own blog. Just like people I’ve met in Calcutta, Bombay, Sydney, New York, Frankfurt and Dusseldorf; it will give us all a chance to write about ingredients, suppliers, why we came up with recipes, how the fruit de mer differs from summer to winter, who we buy our lobsters from and also challenge the staff to try a bit of writing. We will also have a few guest bloggers, including my son, Ed, who’s a sculptor but I’ve always thought is a great descriptive writer too.  I hope you enjoy our ‘Made in Padstow’ blog.