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Rick Stein's India

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“Whenever I hear the word curry, I’m filled with a longing for spicy hot food with the fragrance of cumin, cloves and cinnamon. I see deep red colours from lots of Kashmiri chillis, tinged with a suggestion of yellow from turmeric. I think of the tandoor oven, and slightly scorched naan shining with ghee and garlic.  When Indians talk of their food, they talk about their life. To understand this country, you need to understand curry.” Rick Stein



What makes a good curry? Sensual spicy aromas or thick, creamy sauces? Rich, dark dals or crispy fried street snacks? Rick journeys through India to find the answer, searching this colourful, chaotic nation in search of the truths behind our love affair with its food.


Chefs, home cooks and street vendors hold the key to unlocking the secrets of these complex and diverse flavours – and Rick’s travels take him to the heart of both their longheld traditions and most modern techniques. He uncovers recipes for fragrant kormas, delicate spiced fish and slow-cooked biryanis, all the while gathering ideas and inspiration for his own take on that elusive dish – the perfect curry.


Rick Stein’s new cookery book ‘Rick Stein’s India’ is out now and available to buy from our online shop

The first episode of Rick Stein’s India aired on Monday 17th June at 9pm on BBC2, running for 6 weeks.


Rick Stein book signings

Tuesday 16th July
1pm WHSmith, Guildford
5.30pm Waterstones, Leadenhall

Wednesday 17th July
1pm Waterstones, Oxford
3pm Bookhouse, Thame

Thursday 18th July
1pm Winstone’s Bookshop, Sherborne
4.30pm Waterstones, Exeter

Friday 19th July
12pm St Ives Bookseller, St Ives, Cornwall

Thursday 25th July
11am, Stein’s Deli, Padstow

Thursday 8th August
11am, Stein’s Deli, Padstow

Thursday 14th August
11am, Rick Stein’s Fish, Falmouth

Thursday 15th August
11am, Stein’s Deli, Padstow


Rick Stein events

Wednesday 17th July
Rick Stein talk and demo in Bath
7.30pm, St. Mary’s Church, Bathwick, BA2 4EB
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Saturday 14th September
Rick Stein: Under a Mackerel Sky
7.30pm, The Poly, Falmouth
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Tuesday 17th September
Meet the author: Rick Stein
7.45pm, Hertford Theatre
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Wednesday 18th September
7.30pm, Jaffe &  Neale Bookshop & Café, Chipping Norton
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Friday 20th September
Rick Stein: Under a Mackerel Sky
7.30pm, Abergavenny Food Festival
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