Jack’s Hacks #4: How to make confit garlic in one minute

Jack Stein's Cookery Hacks

Making confit garlic and shallots is a long and arduous task, with a great pay-off. However, with Jack’s simple hack using nothing but a microwave, a mug and some oil you can create your very own restaurant level confit at home in one minute. Perfect to upgrade your cooking at home.

How to make confit garlic in a microwave

1) Finely chop a few cloves of garlic and place into a mug or microwavable bowl.

2) Cover the garlic in olive oil and place in the microwave for a minute on high (800w).

3) Store in the fridge for up to week and use on steamed greens, in soups or in sauces.

This technique also works to make confit onions or shallots.

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